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Suggestion- Admin Sit - Help Staff Decide Punishment With More Details

I would like to suggest that instead of just banning/kicking/slaying ect. on the spot, there should be an admin sit, where the Victim, Suspect and Staff member can talk and discuss what happened in an isolated area (So there will be no distractions and such ) , this will allow the staff member hear both sides of the story and decide the outcome with a more justified point of view. This can also help prevent abuse and such. For instance, There have been a few accounts where staff members have slayed players without listening to anything they were saying. The other day, Somone was slain for 3rounds and the staff member did so withought even taking his side of the story into consideration. The poor guy was talking in the chat saying his side of the story and the staff wouldn't even listen. Thanks for reading - TheCatThatMeows ^^

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